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Through your search for a company that takes care of animal trapping and removal in the Sandy area, look no further! Make a phone call over to 877-724-5314 and speak with the expert staff at All City Animal Trapping & Removal. Our team is ready for your call whether you are a home or business owner. We understand all too well that unexpected animal intrusions can happen at absolutely any time, which is why we provide 24 hour emergency services for our clients; connect now.

With over 20 years of industry leading experience, it is no surprise that our company has become a top choice in the surrounding area of Sandy. With an unexpected animal intrusion, we always encourage you to never try and trap the animal on your own. Even if it is a canine that is a pet in the neighborhood, you never know if the dog may attack. Also, a small feral cat may seem harmless but in fact could become very aggressive with you. As your industry leaders, our team has the proper equipment to handle these situations. Most importantly, however, our professionals have the experience to be able to deal with any situation that comes up.

Upon our arrival to your home or business, our experts can provide a full inspection of your property to be sure that we know what kind of animals we are dealing, and the exact location that they are in. Once we have located the animals, we will move forward with the trapping and removal. Sometimes these situations can be very quick if it is just one animal, and other times it can be quite the job if we are dealing with a full rat infestation. Whatever you are dealing with, you can rest assured that our trappers will take great care of you. As our team is fully trained and certified by the department of fish and game, we won't stop until we have covered all of the bases for the job.

Unlike other fly-by-night companies, our experts won't just take off after we remove whatever animal you are dealing with. Rodents and animals such as rats, raccoons, snakes, squirrels, canines, opossums and more, will leave a whole mess of filth behind them. As this filth sits there on your property, it will harbor bacteria which can make you extremely sick. After we remove the animals from your home or business, our team will move in and take care of a full deodorization to be sure that all of this bacteria and disease is removed. Our team doesn't just stop there, we can take care of any damages that were caused by the animals. Sometimes these repairs include dryer vents and even broken wood. Our goal is to make sure that we remove the animals, clean up their filth that they left behind, take care of any repairs that need to happen, and then prevent the animals from coming back.

With our highly trusted exclusion barriers, we are able to set them up virtually anywhere on your property to get the target animal. One of the many great things about our exclusion barriers is the fact they have an animal repellant, which naturally pushes animals away from the barriers. Should the animals make their way into the traps, these state-of-the-art exclusion barriers are guaranteed to trap the most aggressive animals and keep them in tight.

One common mistake that home and business owners make is trying to get rid of the animals themselves. When you use the poison method, this is going to create a whole mess of problems that will make matters much worse. When you poison rodents or animals on your property, sure you may not see them again but where do you think they go? 9 times out of 10, the animals will find a very dark and quiet place around your property to go die. These places could be your attic, under your home, in your crawl space and even in your walls. This can even be the case if an animal is injured by another animal, and our experts can reach a dead animal no matter where it may be in your house.

So put your trust in a team of professionals that has years of experience in this industry. When it comes to dangerous wildlife situations, we are the team you can trust for all types of animal trapping and removal in Sandy and the surrounding area. Whether you are a home or business owner, our team welcomes your call today at 877-724-5314 so you can receive a free estimate on our services. From dead animal removal to live cats, birds, snakes, skunks, squirrels and more, our experts will get them out of your property!

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We specialize in expert animal removal and wildlife animal control. We trap all urban wildlife in our humane animal traps. Pesky animals can cause a lot of damage and we have many animal prevention techniques that will stop those pests and animals from entering your home. Animals on wires? No problem! Our exclusion techniques will not only stop that animal from entering your property, but will also stop all the diseases & parasites those critters can carry. With our expert animal damage control specialists and our All City Animal Trapping animal specialists,  animal capture is not a problem. Animal control, animal rescue, animal removal, our animal removal specialists, animal removal technicians, and wildlife specialists will solve your animal problems. Control critters, critter removal, wildlife rescue, wildlife trapping, live animal or dead animal, pressure washing, wildlife management, we do it all!

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